Statistical Computing Laboratory


The Statistical Computing Laboratory at USI is specialized in Network Data Science, particularly with applications in the Life Sciences and Ecology, but also with the help of collaborators in the field of the Social Sciences and Economics. The group is led by Ernst C. Wit and consists of 2 postdocs and 6 PhD students. Associate members of the Laboratory include Alessandro Lomi and Rampal Etienne. Ongoing projects involve:

  • Species diversification models (joint with Rampal Etienne and Francisco Richter)
  • Cell differentiation and gene therapy safety (joint with Clelia di Serio, Danilo Pellin, Marco Grzegorczyk, Luca del Core, Andrea Calabria and Eugenio Montini)
  • Statistical inference involving Covid-19 (joint with Antonietta Mira, Spyros Balafas, Simon Wood)
  • Extension of relational event models (Joint with Alessandro Lomi, Igor Artico, Francesca Bianchi, Edoardo Filippi-Mazzola, Ruta Juozaitiene)
  • Invasive species modelling (joint with Ruta Juozaitiene, Hanno Seebens, Franz Essl, Guillaume Latombe)
  • Random effect modelling of the SOAM (joint with Giacomo Ceoldo)