Do I need to learn Italian or German?

At USI in Lugano, Svizzera

Courses are entirely held in English, so this is the only language that is mandatory. Living in Lugano should be possible with only English, although learning the local language will make your experience more interesting. 

USI offers free Italian courses of all levels to all students of the university. Courses are held every semester, and also there are condensed “Intensive” courses that take place before the start of each semester. Language courses do not count for credit towards your degree.

At FAU in Erlangen, Germany

Most of the courses are held in English, so this is the only necessary language. Since Erlangen is a student town, life is easy with just English knowledge. 

FAU Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) provides free German courses alongside regular studies for the students to learn German quickly and efficiently. The language courses are offered every semester and compacted into intensive courses during the break to help students catch up on the language.


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