Grading policy at USI – Faculty of Informatics

USI Policies

The statements below on exams results are to be regarded as for information only. In the event of discrepancies and for all legal purposes, the Study Regulations of the Faculty of Informatics shall apply.

An examination in the regular exam session (winter/summer) may be graded either

  • on a binary scale (pass/fail): not factored into the calculation of the GPA , or
  • on a numerical scale: the numerical scale goes from 1 to 10, including half-points, and the pass mark is 6.

Students who obtain a grade betwen 4 and 5.5 in the regular session (winter, summer) can retake the exam in the recovery session, which is evaluated on a binary scale. A pass will count as a “6” in the GPA calculation.
Students who obtained a grade under 4 must retake the course again (in case of elective, substitutions may be possible).

Any mid-course tests (projects, presentations, examination credits) are graded at the discretion of the lecturer. The lecturer independently determines whether and how such tests contribute to the final course mark. The lecturer must communicate the examination arrangements to students at the beginning of the course. For further information, please see the Study Regulations.

Grade Equivalencies

1,0 10
1,7 9
2,3 8
3,0 7
4,0 6

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