How do I find housing?

In Lugano

In general, housing is more available in Lugano than in other parts of Switzerland, although there are a number of administrative and financial hurdles that need to be passed in order to secure a private tenancy contract for an apartment. For this reason, it may be more convenient to start your search with the resources available to students through the university via the USI Housing Service.

In case of a short-term stay (minimum 3 weeks), perhaps while looking for other accommodations, CityPop may also be an attractive option as it is administratively very easy, although rent is higher, and the location is not ideal for students (Via Lucerna 1, 6900 Lugano). You will need to download the app for information.

For other practicalities on studying in Lugano (housing, permits, etc.), please refer to the dedicated pages on the main website (

In Erlangen

The cities of Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg offer a very good standard of living, however accommodation can be difficult to find, especially at the beginning of the semester. We, therefore, recommend that all students start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. Being a little flexible and also looking in the surrounding area will provide a better chance of finding somewhere affordable to live in so students can travel to their place of study with the semester ticket. FAU itself cannot assign accommodation but works very closely with Student Services Erlangen-Nürnberg assisting students in their everyday lives.

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