How does public transport work?

in Lugano and Switzerland

Switzerland has a very effective public transport system that connects the entire country, making it very easy to get around. To use this system, the SBB smartphone app will be your best friend.

If you will be traveling frequently between Swiss regions or cities we recommend getting the SBB half-fare card which will reduce the price of all public transport in Switzerland by half for one year from time of purchase. Half-fare cards cost 185 CHF per year for adults (25+) or 120 CHF per year for youths (<25). This card pays off extremely quickly (for youths it may pay off in as little as 2 round trips from Lugano to Zurich). 

Lugano is not a large city, so getting around on foot is very easy, and occasional bus rides can be taken for a low price. If you plan on using local public transport frequently, there are monthly passes available for all regions of the Canton of Ticino.

in Erlangen and Germany

Student Services Erlangen-Nürnberg offers FAU students a semester ticket in collaboration with the local public transport company, VGN providing an excellent public transport system, so the students should not have any problems getting to their place of study. 

Erlangen is also the cycling capital of Bavaria where a third of all journeys are made by bike. The cycling infrastructure in Erlangen is devised to cycle safely without accidents. 

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