How does the double degree program work?

During the entire study period of the Masters program, students are registered as students at both universities. The normal period of study the master’s degree programs is four semesters and comprises 120 ECTS credits. The students are enrolled at the same time at both universities (FAU and USI).  Students can spend, e.g., the first semester at their home university, while attending some on-line courses (including the mandatory “Efficient Computational Algorithms”) at the partner university. In the second semester these students will, e.g., move to the partner university where they will complete their second semester of courses (30 ECTS), and return to their home  university for the third and fourth semester. An alternative option is to spend the third semester (30 ECTS) at the partner university and all other semesters at the home university.

The Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS) may be also written under the supervision of a professor from either university, and can be done remotely without the need to be present in a specific location.

IMPORTANT: A strongly preferred enrollment option is that each double degree student must be registered AT BOTH UNIVERSITIES for the entire duration of the masters program. However, you can still join the double-degree program after the first and second semester. Please contact the study coordinators at Olaf Schenk (USI) and Felix Schmutterer (FAU).

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