What are the costs of living?

In Lugano

The basic student budget is about CHF 1200 to 1700 per month

  • CHF 450-800 for a shared single room or one-bedroom apartment
  • CHF 450 for food and other household expenses
  • CHF 50-100 for public transportation
  • CHF 50 for books and study materials
  • CHF 200 for expenses of various kinds
  • CHF 160-280 for Health Insurance, when required

In Erlangen

The basic student budget is about EUR 930 – 1300 per month. The general costs are the following on average expenditure:

Rent including bills (in the Erlangen-Nuremberg area) EUR 325/332
Food EUR 168
Clothing  EUR 42
Transport (public transport and/or car) EUR 94
Learning material (depending on the subject) EUR 20
Health insurance, doctor, medicines EUR 80
Telecommunications EUR 31
Leisure activities, culture, sports EUR 61

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