What are the registration DEADLINES?

USI Based Students

  • 30 April (for Non-European students)
  • 31 July (for European students)

The application must be submitted online here.

If you miss either of these deadlines it may still be possible to register. We might also accept late registrations, but this depends on available capacity within the FAU/USI double-degree programme. Please contact Olaf Schenk if you are in this situation.

FAU Based Students

The application for the master program is only possible during the winter term. The deadlines are:

  • April 15 for applicants who are non-EU citizens
  • July 15 for applicants who are EU citizens (last day for submitting the online application)

The application must be submitted online, via the campo portal. 

We process all applications in batches and will not start with the first batch until April; please refrain from any inquiries before May.

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